AKRA WATER TREATMENT; With its expert staff with more than 20 years of experience, provides turnkey services by importing, exporting, system design and installation in the field of domestic and industrial water treatment, and also performs periodic maintenance operations after installation, annual maintenance operations, and supervision.  

Domestic and industrial drinking water systems, industrial process water treatment, pool water treatment, sea water treatment, special quality pure water for hospitals and laboratories, and city mains water treatment, in short, water treatment of all types and capacities are within the area of ​​expertise of AKRA WATER TREATMENT.

It has its own technology and experience in order for all its customers to benefit both technically and economically; It combines experienced project and technical service staff with laboratory and consultancy services.

AKRA WATER TREATMENT offers efficient solutions for its customers from industries such as Agriculture, Textile, Iron&Steel, Chemicals & Petrochemicals, Mining and to those in Home Appliances, Healthcare, Education, Food & Beverage, and Tourism.